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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

5 Great Dating Tips Women Wish Men Knew

by TW Jackson

There are many things that women often wish men knew. These are a few dating tips that will help men get off on the right foot when dating a new woman. Use them wisely to woo the woman of your dreams and win her heart.
1)Don't show up 30 minutes early. Women like to make a good impression on you. She wants to be ready to go and look her best when you arrive. She doesn't want you at the door with half her makeup done and her hair in rollers. That's what you're likely to see if you arrive too early. Even five minutes early is pushing it. If you are early drive around the block or something until closer to time.

2)Talk to her. Strong and silent is one thing. Women really don't want to carry on a monolog. If she seems like she's talking too much perhaps it's to make up for the fact that you aren't talking. She's on a date to get to know more about you. Tell her about you. If you want more dates with her you're going to have to give her something to build on.

3)Crude is not sexy. It's crude. If you're trying to woo her you're going to have to use pretty words to do it and not revert to locker room talk or expect her to respond to cave man invitations. Those things might work occasionally (very occasionally for the average woman) but when you're dating and trying to win her heart it's just not going to do the trick 99.9% of the time.

4)The sexiest thing a woman can see you in is those yellow gloves that are used for washing dishes. Honestly. OK. She might like to see you in one of those aprons that says, "Kiss the Cook" or something equally cheesy. The bottom line is that she finds your willingness to help cook and/or clean to be a huge turn on most of the time.

5)Kiss her already! By the end of the date if you haven't at least tried to kiss her she's going to be wondering what's wrong. She's probably going to leap to the conclusion that you're not interested or she did something wrong. If you're interested, let her know. Try to kiss her and leave the ball in her court as to whether she'll return the kiss or put a stop to it but make the move. This is probably one of the most important of all the dating tips women wish men knew but all of them are good to remember and file away.

This is the same first step I've used to teach thousands of couples around the world how to work things out and get back together. Aren't you ready to make things right?

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